The Evolution of Search Engine Optimisation in Upcoming Year

As the last quarter of 2016 is gone, you should be all decked up for the New Year with new marketing approaches. One of the most common marketing approaches is SEO or Search Engine Optimisation that is evolving at lightning speed, which will further evolve in 2017. You have to keep pace with it and evolve in the next year:

Optimise for users


Of course, keywords play a central role in all SEO practices, but search practices have changed a lot. Nowadays, consumers know exactly what they want and what they are looking for. And, search engines are getting better at recognizing users’ intent. Users now enter full phrases to make exact searches.

In 2017, your brand will be required to pay attention to users’ changing preferences and place value on optimising content around user intent rather than specific keywords. It will be critical for you to:

  • Investigate what users are searching for, what exactly they want from the content you make available to them?
  • Optimise your content around the users’ queries and based on your research data, alter your content from customers’ perspective.
  • Stay put with analytics to know what’s working in your favour.

Professional search engines optimization services can help you do everything necessary for your business to get found.

Focus on voice search


Voice search is going to be one of the favourite search options for your users. You can’t afford to ignore this now. Of course, it’s fast, hands-free, futuristic, and somewhat new to users. With the improvements in technology, voice search error rate is decreasing drastically and users are enjoying better than ever experience. For this reason, voice search gives your brand some major goals in 2017.

Make the most of mobile growth


Mobile accessibility has reshaped SEO as mobile search is growing at a faster than ever speed. Google and other search engines have already made a note of this made serious amendments in their search engine algorithm to help mobile users. Mobile searches are also crucial for local search engine optimization services. It is an extremely important SEO strategy that should never be missed.


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